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Engage skilled Blazor WebAssembly developers certified by Microsoft, adept at delivering Blazor WebAssembly applications

Crafting responsive, secure, and resilient web applications tailored to your business requirements, ensuring exceptional user experiences.

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Assemblysoft are Microsoft Certified Developers

Working with AssemblySoft has been an outstanding experience from start to finish. Their team is incredibly responsive, ensuring that communication flows smoothly and efficiently throughout the project. Their dedication to excellence is evident in every interaction, making complex tasks seem effortless. AssemblySoft is definitely a top-tier partner that I would strongly recommend to anyone looking for superior service and innovative solutions.

Serg Matvijuk ( Senior Integrations Consultant )

Blazor WebAssembly Development with Assemblysoft

Tailored Blazor WebAssembly applications powered by the Microsoft Azure Cloud. End to end Blazor software solutions.

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Microsoft Azure Developers

Azure Development Specialists

We have vast experience delivering cloud solutions to support Blazor WebAssembly applications.

Leveraging Azure's suite of services, we meet diverse business needs intelligently and cost-effectively.

We've been immersed in Blazor WebAssembly development since day one, making it our preferred framework for client side web applications.

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Watch a video that describes in some detail what Blazor WebAssembly is and what some of the advantages for your business.

Our Specialised development team build performant Blazor WebAssembly software apps

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Our team can expertly assess and guide you to ensure you choose the right Blazor hosting model.  

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Blazor Server, Blazor WebAssembly, Blazor Hybrid, Blazor Fullstack UI, Blazor PWA

Building .NET Blazor WASM Software Applications that just work

Microsoft Azure Developers

Expert Blazor WebAssembly Development

Trust in Assemblysoft's skilled team of Blazor WebAssembly developers who excel in crafting tailored solutions. With a deep understanding of the framework's intricacies, we ensure your project's success, resilience, and security.

Microsoft Azure Developers

Azure Cloud-Powered Solutions

Benefit from our extensive experience in delivering cloud solutions to support Blazor WebAssembly applications. Leveraging the robust capabilities of Microsoft Azure, we create scalable and cost-effective solutions that meet diverse business needs.

Microsoft Azure Developers

Blazor WASM Framework

Entrust your project to Assemblysoft's dedication to mastering Blazor WebAssembly. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we leverage our expertise in this preferred framework for web and mobile development, ensuring optimal outcomes for your applications.

Microsoft Azure Developers

Microsoft Partner Insights

Partner with us to access invaluable insights as Microsoft Partners. Our collaboration propels your business forward, leveraging industry-leading tools and practices to drive innovation and success in Blazor WebAssembly development.

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We are a .NET Blazor WebAssembly Company based in the United Kingdom

Blazor WebAssembly FAQs

Assemblysoft is a Blazor development company, with real-world experience delivering Blazor WebAssembly applications, based in the United Kingdom. Blazor WebAssembly is not just another service that we offer, it is what we specialise in, day in, day out.

We have completed numerous Blazor WebAssembly projects for our clients, and know how to get the best out of the Blazor framework and .NET ecosystem. We know what works and what doesn't and our expert team know how to deliver clean code following best practice.

As with many technology choices, especially those that will affect your future business goals, the answer is, "It depends". We know that initial answer can be a little infuriating at first but we need to ensure we offer you the best value for the success of your business. An initial consultation with us will often clearly identify the best fit. We are positive it is Blazor, but there are a number of options to ensure delivery of the best product that you want to build.

Assemblysoft is an expert Blazor development company, and knows how to get the best out of all the hosting models and rendering modes. Starting with .NET 8, we are able to future proof your Blazor hosting model decision by getting the best out of both Blazor Server, Blazor WebAssembly and Static Server Rendering. Talk to us to find out more, we love talking about Blazor!

Blazor has two hosting models, client-side and server-side. For client-side Blazor application execution, Blazor depends on WebAssembly (WASM).

Blazor WebAssembly (WASM) can execute client-side C# code directly in the browser.

A Blazor application, its dependencies, and the .NET runtime are all downloaded to the user's browser.

The application is directly executed by the UI thread of the browser. The same process is used to handle events and update the User Interface (UI).

While .NET runs on WebAssembly, we can reuse the code and libraries from the server-side parts of the application.

1. Offline mode

It can run in offline mode, which means a server connection is not necessary.

2. .NET running directly in the browser

Because a mobile version of the .NET runtime comes as part of the application, we are able to directly run .NET code in a browser.

3. Performance

Compiled C# code runs and executes faster than Javascript, providing a great user experience for your end users.

4. Code reuse

Both the client and the server can use the same validation code.

1. Initial load times

Initial load times are longer because it downloads all the files to the client.

2. Limited .NET tooling and debugging capacity.

Blazor WebAssembly, a framework enabling developers to build interactive web applications with C# and .NET, has some limitations in terms of .NET tooling and debugging capacity. This primarily stems from the nature of WebAssembly and the current state of tooling support for .NET in this context.

1: WebAssembly Constraints: WebAssembly is a binary instruction format designed for stack-based virtual machines, primarily used within web browsers. It's sandboxed and operates in a constrained environment, which inherently limits the range of tools and debugging capabilities that can be directly applied, compared to a traditional .NET runtime environment.

2: Client-Side Execution: Blazor WebAssembly apps run client-side in the browser, which is a different environment from the server-side .NET runtime. This difference implies that certain .NET tools and profilers, which are designed for server-side diagnostics and debugging, are not directly applicable or need to be significantly adapted for client-side environments.

3: Debugging Support: While Blazor WebAssembly supports debugging in browsers through WebAssembly debugging extensions, the experience is not as seamless or feature-rich as traditional .NET debugging. For instance, inspecting variables, evaluating expressions, and performing certain debugging tasks can be more challenging and less intuitive compared to server-side .NET applications.

4: Tooling Evolution: The tooling for Blazor WebAssembly is still evolving. As a relatively new technology, it hasn't yet achieved the same level of maturity in terms of comprehensive tooling and debugging support seen in more established .NET environments. This is an area of active development, and improvements are continuously being made.

5: Dependency on Browser Tools: Blazor WebAssembly development often requires reliance on browser developer tools for debugging. While these tools are powerful, they are primarily designed for JavaScript and Web technologies, not specifically for .NET. This can lead to a learning curve and limitations in .NET-specific debugging capabilities.

For us at Assemblysoft, specialising in Blazor and Azure, these limitations mean that while developing with Blazor WebAssembly, a different approach and additional considerations are needed compared to traditional .NET development. Emphasising expertise in navigating these unique challenges and offering solutions that leverage the strengths of Blazor WebAssembly, while mitigating its limitations, can be a significant value addition to clients.

1. Blazor WASM Application Development

We don't just provide custom app development but also offer integration with other platforms. Additionally, our Blazor app development also offers round-the-clock maintenance and support. We leverage the latest technologies to ensure reliable business solutions.

2. Custom Blazor WebAssembly Development

Our team of experts specialises in Microsoft development services. This provides tailored solutions that cater to your unique business requirements. We utilize industry best practices to make your app robust and scalable.

3. Product Development

Our product development services are designed to take your idea from conception to launch. Plus, covering every step in between. With our Blazor front-end development expertise, we ensure a seamless user experience.

3. Blazor WebAssembly Migration Solutions

Our product development services are designed to take your idea from conception to launch. Plus, covering every step in between. With our Blazor front-end development expertise, we ensure a seamless user experience.

4. Blazor WebAssembly Integration Services

We provide businesses with the ability to seamlessly integrate their systems with third-party platforms. This improves workflows and enhances functionality. Our expert team ensures efficient integration and seamless communication between systems.

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