Preserve O2

The home of the Rainwater Harvesting Project

Preserve O2 is an IOT project which aims to conserve our most important resource, water. It aims to re-purpose it using smart technology.

Research and Development from concept to completion is all open source and publicly available.

One of the test use cases is to harvest rain water, process and provide to local window cleaners. Our case study as revealed a large number of window cleaners are paying for water to fill their pure water tanks for us with pole systems. This cost is significant over the year and we have set out to produce an alternative, cheaper solution.

Through our research we have discoverd that rain water contains much less chemicals than that required for drinking and bathing. In order to clean windows, tap water is mostly post filtered resulting in a large proportion being wasted into mains sewage drains. This process not only wastes are significant amount of water during the filtration peocess but also adds to the processing back into the sewage system. The techniques we are researching have zero waste and require much less filtration to achieve the purity required to leave streak free window cleaning.

Concept and Design

At this stage of our R&D much is still to be discovered. We are rolling out the prototype with an agile approach, which caters well for unknown elements we have encountered. We are working in planned phases and are now planning phase 3 of development. Details of Phases 1 and 2 can be found below.

Overview of the project by phase.


Storage Tanks