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Assemblysoft and Microsoft .NET MAUI Blazor

Our .NET MAUI development team in the United Kingdom have the proven expertise to unify iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows APIs into a write-once run-anywhere developer experience. Using MAUI, our Assemblysoft team write cross-platform applications in a single solution with the option of writing platform-specific code as needed.

The MAUI apps we develop at Assemblysoft provide deep access into each native platform. .NET 6 introduces a series of platform-specific frameworks: .NET for Android, .NET for iOS, .NET for macOS, and Windows UI (WinUI) Library. The .NET 6 Base Class Library is shared among all the platforms while abstracting the individual characteristics of each platform from your code.

.NET 6 and 7 application development solutions using the latest dotnet runtimes

Here at Assemblysoft we are passionate about mobile application development using .NET Maui and Blazor. Being able to write your entire application in .NET is a major advantage and cost benefit. We pride ourselves in being .NET experts, the core technology underpinning Blazor Hybrid with .NET Maui. Not only can we provide development support for all the amazing features offered by this open source framework but we can also extend and customise to suite your requirements and strategy.

BlazorWebView and .NET MAUI Blazor

The Blazor Hybrid pattern uses a BlazorWebView component that enables Blazor within a MAUI application, creating a .NET MAUI Blazor application.

Assemblysoft have been developing with Blazor Hybrid and .NET MAUI since pre-release and have real-world experience and know-how to deliver your mobile application.

BlazorWebView can be composed alongside native elements; additionally, they leverage platform features and share state with their native counterparts.

.NET MAUI Blazor benefits for the client

.NET MAUI Blazor enables both native and Web UI in a single application and they can co-exist in a single view.

Combined with our Microsoft cloud experience the combination of .NET MAUI and Azure technologies is a perfect fit for our client's integrations and future growth needs.

Our .NET MAUI development team in the UK leverage Azure DevOps to seamlessly Build and Distribute your .NET Maui mobile application to the Apple, Android, and Windows app stores.

The .NET runtime is used for the execution environment for MAUI applications, even though the underlying implementations of the runtime may be different, depending on the host.

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Building Sustainable Mobile Apps that just work

User Experience (UX) First

We Focus on the UI/UX from the start to ensure the design is not only functional but pleasing to your audience, enabling you to stay relevant in an ever changing landscape.

Software Development

We have real world experience building websites, tools, windows applications, services and apis. We know how to get up to speed maintaining and transforming legacy applications.

Cloud Solutions

We are cloud experts and offer migration of your existing applications, services and data securely to the cloud.

We are Microsoft Azure Specialists.

Development Operations (DevOps)

Ensuring updates are rolled out with simple and clear processes without breaking your existing products takes skill and experience. We are skilled DevOps practitioners.

We are Azure DevOps Services Specialists.

With over 25 years experience, It's what we do, It's ingrained in our DNA

.NET Agency

We are .NET specialists. We have real world experience developing ASP.NET, Blazor, Blazor Hybrid, .NET MAUI and .NET 7 applications and services.

We are a .NET development company.

As a Microsoft partner, we create bespoke software applications targeting .NET and Azure, the Microsoft cloud.

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We code AND decode technical solutions

Solving problems and turning ideas into secure and reliable software solutions, but we are much more than that.

We have a unique ability, gained over many years, to convey complex into simple, enabling conversations with our clients in plain english.

.NET MAUI Specialist Agency

Let us help you build the next great thing using .NET MAUI and Blazor, targeting IOS | Android, and Windows. Rich .NET applications that can leverage native mobile capabilities and be distributed to everyone's favorite app stores from a single code base are now a reality that is a definitive turning point for the web and mobile development world. It’s a new breed of mobile application that runs natively on your device of choice and sits on top of .NET.

We have completed a number of greenfield .NET MAUI applications for our clients and continue to enhance and support those solutions as our client's needs grow.

We have migrated legacy applications to Blazor and Blazor Hybrid using .NET MAUI which has enabled new life, enhanced security, and broader reach to existing applications that were coming to end-of-life.

Benefits of extending your team with expert .NET MAUI developers from Assemblysoft

Assemblysoft are your extended .NET MAUI development team in the United Kingdom

Microsoft .NET MAUI Development Company

Here at Assemblysoft we have developed a number of .NET Maui Blazor applications for our clients. We can assist you with migrating WinForms applications to Blazor. We can develop and add Blazor applications to your existing ASP.NET web applications.

Assemblysoft Blazor Hybrid developers

We are Blazor hybrid developers with a solid background in .NET development.

Assemblysoft host Blazor and .Net User group presentations as members of the dotnet foundation.

We combine ASP.NET Blazor with Azure, Azure DevOps Services and great software architecture to produce well designed, performant applications that our clients love.

Your Extended .Net Team

Our developers in the UK are highly productive while developing with .NET MAUI Blazor because applications can leverage Blazor's component model (Razor Components), which uses HTML, CSS, and the Razor syntax. The Blazor part of an app can reuse components, layouts, and styles that are used in an existing regular Web app. This brings rewards to our clients as the code, components and applications we create are highly sustainable.

Third Party Integrations

We are experienced at integrating with third party APIs and Services

Assemblysoft integrating with Stripe payments Paypal payments with Assemblysoft Email and SMS from .Net applications with Assemblysoft Braintree Credit card payment integration from Assemblysoft

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